Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label and Opal Tapes affiliate Balint Szabo  Gosheven’s next microtonal adventure is Decolonize Your Mind Society’s debut album.

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A Courteous Invitation To An Uninhabited Anabatic Prism

Mike The Headless Chicken
Exorcize The Exorcizer
In A Septimental Mood
Stupid Fucking White Man

A Smooth Walk Upon The Creek
Through The Prism
Saw Her Dancing On Bitter Land
All The Trees Came To Bid Adieu
We Are All Cannibals

I Have A Horse Named Gosheven

album artwork by Csenge Csato
Decolonize Your Mind Society band members:

András Halmos - drums, vocals
Ernő Hock - double bass, vocals
Máté Pozsár - synth, una corda, vocals
Dániel Váczi - glissonic, vocals
Gergő Kováts - saxophone, vocals
Bálint Szabó - just intonation guitar, vocals